Cystic acne and redness transform into clear, bright, even skin

Years battling acne: 7

Tried: Proactiv and Tretinoin cream

Goal: To achieve clear, healthy skin that doesn’t hurt. Less oiliness, more clear, no scars or dark marks, and no cysts

Skin type: Severe combination acne + cysts mostly on the cheeks + post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation + mild scarring

The AES solution: The first and second pictures were taken after 6 acne facial treatments over 3 months and you can see that her acne has completely cleared but there was still a bit of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation leftover. The third picture was taken 3 months after the second picture (so after 6 total months of AES) and at that point her redness and pigmentation had gone away completely just from using the product kit and one additional maintenance treatment.

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