After struggling with acne for the past two years, I am finally clear

Years battling acne: 2

Tried: Aczone, Tretinoin, extractions, facials

Goal: I want to be acne-free or at least have less frequent pimples pop up. I take great care of my skin and for the most part my skin looks great in the areas where I don’t have active acne. I would like to not worry about going outside and putting makeup over random spots. Until two years ago, I never had a pimple and after seeing many dermatologists I am looking for something that finally works.

Skin type: Mild combination acne on cheeks + mild post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

The AES solution: This client graduated the program after just 1 treatment and 1 lightening peel. This is much faster than the average 6-8 treatments but since she had mild acne, all she needed was some coaching on her lifestyle and a little bit of helping purging the existing acne out of the skin to get her glowing!

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