I know how devastating it can feel to have acne but don't give up yet! There is plenty of hope and clear skin is just within your reach

Years battling acne: 12

Tried: Proactiv, Accutane, Doxycycline, birth control, facials with Estheticians, countless over the counter products

Number of Dermatologists visited prior: 5

The AES solution: It took longer to clear this client than the average 6-8 treatments over 3-4 months because we needed to purge the skin slowly to prevent more cysts from forming and potentially scarring or pigmenting the skin so these pictures were taken 6 months apart during which she had 17 appointments. You can see in the after pictures that there is still some mild scarring remaining because although our services can help improve scarring, they usually require more invasive procedures to get rid of the scarring completely. As you can read in her own words though, she is happy :)

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