Acne Bootcamp Story: Acne and Dark Spots

This client started Acne Bootcamp right after graduating from college and starting her first job in the city.  She had been battling acne and what she described as acne scars since she was just 10 years old, although the "scars" she was referring to were actually dark marks caused by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Her acne manifested mostly in the form of papules that you can see on her chin in the pictures. These red, swollen lesions are a form of inflammatory acne and they can be sore and sensitive and will eventually turn into pustules if the inflammation is not controlled and pus develops (learn more about the different types of acne here).

I put together a treatment plan that included biweekly facial treatments, dietary adjustments (mainly due to her love of cheese), and a homecare regimen that included benzoyl peroxide and mandelic acid.  I chose these ingredients because they both contain antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation and we needed to first get her inflammation under control so that we could extract the lesions on her face without causing further inflammation and ultimately, more pigmentation.  I also had her ice every day and night to further help reduce inflammation. Once the inflamed lesions were under control, we used the exfoliating properties of mandelic acid and mild chemical peels to help purge the non-inflamed comedones out of the follicles. 6 acne treatment facials later voila, our bootcamper was clear!

Once she graduated acne bootcamp, we shifted gears to work on the pigmentation. Since she had been using our lightening 8% mandelic acid serum already for 3 months, we had a head start and the pigmentation had already lightened significantly. I chose a combination of peels with lightening and exfoliating properties to help lift the rest of the pigmented cells out of the skin. I started each peel session with a lightening lemon enzyme boosted with a 20% lactic acid peel, both ingredients chosen for their lightening properties. Then, I followed with a chemical peel that contained a super mix of exfoliating agents including trichloroacetic acid (TCA), kojic acid, and azelaic acid.  It only took 3 peels for all of the dark marks to fade and now her skin is not just smooth and clear but it has an even tone.

If you are struggling with acne or dark marks leftover from acne, make an appointment if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or get in touch with us for a free product consultation to have a customized product kit shipped to you.

After 6 acne facial treatments and a series of 3 depigmentation chemical peels.