Acne Bootcamp Story: The Last Resort Before Accutane

Karina was one of my very first acne bootcamp graduates.  She came to me as a last resort since her dermatologist had run out of treatment options for her and the only thing left to try was Accutane.  She is the sweetest girl ever and was just trying to enjoy her years as a young college student here in San Francisco without having to feel burdened by acne. I was lucky that she was so dedicated to the program and I never had to tell her to follow the product regimen or stick to the dietary and lifestyle guidelines of bootcamp.  I saw her every 2 weeks over 3 months and voila, the pictures say it all.  You can see the difference in confidence and now she feels as beautiful on the outside as she always was on the inside. She sent me these pictures with the words, "unretouched...thank you, Kimmy!".

"Going to see Kimmy at Acqua e Sapone was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My acne was so bad, I was about to go on Accutane, until a good friend recommended going to see Kimmy for a healthier, holistic approach to clearing acne. Within 3 months, my acne was cleared up. For the first time in my life, I feel confident and beautiful and don't have to hide behind heavy makeup and bangs. I can go out without feeling self-conscious about my face, and feel that people finally see me for me, not my acne, all thanks to Kimmy! I love going in for treatments because I feel so pampered and Kimmy provides me with the right tools to manage my acne, and each time I leave, I feel beautiful. There is no better feeling than having clear skin and confidence. Thank you so much, Kimmy!"