Meet Humlije, our new sister!

I told you guys that I would be sponsoring a woman on behalf of Acqua e Sapone and we just received notice from Women for Women that we got matched with a sister!  

Our sister's name is Humlije Muhamet Rreba and she is the mother of 4 from Kosovo. AES will be making a monthly contribution so Humlije can attend classes at the Begrace 100 women's group where she will learn skills to support her family and rebuild her life after war. Humlije started the program this month and will graduate in April 2015 with our help.

I just wrote a letter to Humlije and told her a little bit about AES, our mission, and sent her a few pics.  It could take well over a month for the letter to be sent to the local office, be translated, then finally get to her.  Of course, I will keep everyone updated since this is our journey together.

Thanks to our wonderful clients at Acqua e Sapone, we are able to pay it forward and help support other women who could use a little help so thank you, thank you, thank you.

x Kimmy