Coach Kimmy's Clear Skin Travel Essentials

Traveling is the second most common time for my clients to fall off of the clear skin wagon.  Even my graduates who have been clear for years tend to come back with a few more zits post-vacay than they left with.  Regardless of what stage you are at in the clearing process, here is a list of travel essentials that I prepared for this trip to prevent breaking out:

Pillowcases and face towel (a body towel too if you are prone to body-acne): When hotels use dryer sheets, fabric softener, and detergents containing fragrance or other cloggy ingredients, just sleeping on their pillows and using their towels can lead to new breakouts.  I actually forgot to put my face towel in my luggage so if life happens (as it will sometimes), improvise!  (You can see how I improvised in the picture above that I Snapchatted from earlier today). And if you haven't yet cut out the dryer sheets and switched over to a non-cloggy detergent, choose an AES approved product from our Acne Safe Household Products Pinterest board, do a load of laundry before you leave, and try not to forget like I did ;)

Popsicle molds: If icing is still a part of your regimen, pack a silicone popsicle mold because you will be doing your regimen twice a day even on vacation, right?!  Heck, it's not a bad idea to pack that sucker even if you are clear or you don't usually get inflamed pimples like me because you never know when an inflamed pimple will emerge and they tend to pop up when you least expect it (more on that situation in the next post).

Coffee creamer: If you don't have a full blown coffee addiction like I do, feel free to skip this one.  If you are a fellow Coffeeholics Anonymous member and you don't like your coffee black, do like I do and pack a bottle (or two or three...) of dairy/soy free creamer because most places do not offer dairy and soy free milk options. If you are going to Italy, they definitely don't have acne-safe options, TRUST.

Acne-Safe Snacks: Bring your own AES approved snack (free of dairy, peanuts, and soy).  I like nuts and granola bars but make sure to check that the bars you are getting don't contain soy protein because a lot of them do.

Toiletries: Unless you want to risk breaking out around your hairline and mouth while vacationing, bring your own hair products and toothpaste. If pimples around the mouth and forehead is the look you are going for then by all means, use the random toothpaste that your travel partner brought with them. And no, if doesn't matter that you are only traveling for a few days, it only takes ONE usage to breakout from a cloggy product.  If you forget any of your toiletries, take a screenshot of our list of comedogenic ingredients and scout a non-cloggy ingredient at a nearby store (a lot of countries have ingredient lists in English).