'The Remarkable S.F. Esthetician' | The Penny Rose

A few weeks ago The Penny Rose Founder and Editor, Christa Martin, came to our clinic to see what all the fuss is about.  We were excited to find out that she is an acne sufferer herself and has been through a struggle with her skin that most Acqua e Sapone clients can relate to (including myself!). Read about her experience when she came to us for an Acne Consultation and Treatment which she says has garnered, "...unsolicited feedback from friends...including commenting on the clarity of my skin, how my skin has never looked better...". As if this review wasn't amazing enough, we were featured again today in the article 4 Products That Changed My Face which includes a review of our skincare line and a Q&A with me!

The Penny Rose | Introducing Acqua e Sapone Aesthetics