10 All Natural Acne Fighting Tips

meditation can help decrease hormone levels

1. Relax-stress is one of the top acne triggers so get a massage, take a quiet walk, or meditate.  Even just 10 minutes a day can make a difference.  These are not luxuries, these are necessities!

2. Tea tree oil-apply a spot of tea tree oil with a q-tip to pimples.  Tea tree has natural antiseptic and drying properties without the comedogenic ingredients that come in other drying products like most toothpastes.

3. Probiotics-probiotics improve digestion and the elimination of toxins by restoring beneficial bacteria in the gut.  Take live probiotic supplements or eat fermented foods like kimchee and pickled cabbage to get your daily dose.  This is especially important for people who have taken antibiotics which tend to wipe out all of the good bacteria in our systems.

4. Candida cleanse-the candida cleanse consists of cutting out sugars, caffeine, and dairy.  The cleanse helps rids the body of toxins and sugar which is highly inflammatory.

5. Zinc supplements-zinc is an essential trace mineral that studies suggest improves inflamed acne.  Take a zinc supplement such as zinc monomethionine to reduce inflammatory pimples.

6. Sleep-not getting regular quality sleep increases stress levels and triggers hormone fluctuations.  Practice good sleep hygiene by turning off electronics and refraining from stimulating activities 1 hour before bedtime.

7.  Ice!-Applying an ice cube directly to your face is one of the easiest and cheapest acne-fighting tools out there.  Icing reduces inflammation and increases the penetration of your topical acne products.

8. Water-drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps skin cells function properly and aids in flushing the body of toxins and wastes.

9. Cut out dairy-dairy contains pore-irritating iodides and high levels of hormones from pregnant cows. Switch to almond/hemp/rice milk instead.

10. Get active-exercise decreases stress which is responsible for triggering the overproduction of sebum. Pick an activity that you love and make time to do it on a regular basis.  Gentle activities like yoga are especially good for fighting stress and promoting emotional well-being.