Acne Bootcamp Story: Clearing Adult Chin Acne & Redness

Danielle started Acne Bootcamp with a very common story.  She never suffered from acne in high school or middle school then all of a sudden, she started breaking out in her late 20's.  Her acne manifested mostly around her mouth and constant picking only made it worse.  

With a product kit for her moderate combination acne and a few lifestyle adjustments, mainly switching up her comedogenic products, we got her clear in about 5 treatments.

Acne Bootcamp Story: The Last Resort Before Accutane

Karina was one of my very first acne bootcamp graduates.  She came to me as a last resort since her dermatologist had run out of treatment options for her and the only thing left to try was Accutane.  She is the sweetest girl ever and was just trying to enjoy her years as a young college student here in San Francisco without having to feel burdened by acne. I was lucky that she was so dedicated to the program and I never had to tell her to follow the product regimen or stick to the dietary and lifestyle guidelines of bootcamp.  I saw her every 2 weeks over 3 months and voila, the pictures say it all.  You can see the difference in confidence and now she feels as beautiful on the outside as she always was on the inside. She sent me these pictures with the words, "unretouched...thank you, Kimmy!".

"Going to see Kimmy at Acqua e Sapone was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My acne was so bad, I was about to go on Accutane, until a good friend recommended going to see Kimmy for a healthier, holistic approach to clearing acne. Within 3 months, my acne was cleared up. For the first time in my life, I feel confident and beautiful and don't have to hide behind heavy makeup and bangs. I can go out without feeling self-conscious about my face, and feel that people finally see me for me, not my acne, all thanks to Kimmy! I love going in for treatments because I feel so pampered and Kimmy provides me with the right tools to manage my acne, and each time I leave, I feel beautiful. There is no better feeling than having clear skin and confidence. Thank you so much, Kimmy!"

Beauty Bullshit: Oil Cleansing Cures Acne

Sorry Oil Cleansing. We're calling Bullshit

Oil cleansing has been given the reputation as being a natural cleansing method for clear, glowing skin.  Cosmetic companies are jumping on the bandwagon and raking in the dough selling face cleansing oils that retail up to $100! 

To be fair, I understand why natural cleansing methods have become popular because acne sucks.  By the time I was 16, I was finishing up my second failed attempt at Accutane and I would’ve stuck my finger in an electric socket if you would’ve told me that would make the pimples go away.  Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for acne and this rule applies just as much to natural remedies as it does to harsh prescription treatments. 

The theory behind oil cleansing is that massaging oil onto your face dissolves oil in the pores. In the world of acne treatments where harsh, prescription medicines and harmful side effects are the norm, the oil cleansing method attempts to cure acne by providing a natural, organic solution for fighting the disease. 

Just because harsh prescriptions don't fix acne does not mean an all-natural method will.  Dr. James E. Fulton says in his book Acne RX, “...if the complex oils in sebum create such havoc in acne-prone skin, then rubbing more oils into the skin is the worse possible thing an acne sufferer can do…”.  

Acne is a multifactorial disease in which genetics, lifestyle, environment, and diet all collide to create a perfect storm.  Even if oil cleansing did work, it would only be addressing a single piece of a puzzle that has many other pieces to it including inflammation, the overproduction of skin cells, and bacteria.  To have long-term success in managing acne, all of these factors must be addressed.  

Beauty Bullshit: Oil Cleansing Cures Acne | AES Blog

So, next time you someone recommends cleansing oil for zits, call Bullshit!

4 Reasons Dermatologists Fail To Successfully Treat Acne

If you suffer from acne, chances are that the first person you turned to for help was your dermatologist.  It only makes sense that you would turn to the medical professional whose job it is to treat skin if you were suffering from a skin condition.  Unfortunately, dermatologists are failing miserably to treat a condition that affects the majority of the population at one point in their lives and here are 5 reasons why:

4 Reasons Dermatologists Fail To Successfully Treat Acne Sufferers | AES Blog

1.  Successful acne treatment is comprehensive.
As both a practitioner who treats acne and a former acne sufferer myself, I know that internal factors like diet and stress have just as significant an impact on acne as external factors.  Most dermatologists prescribe medications that target a single factor in the multifactorial cycle of acne.  For example, Accutane reduces oil production, antibiotics kill bacteria, and Retin-A exfoliates skin cells but successful and sustainable acne treatment targets all of these things and more.

2. Most prescription topical medications contain pore-clogging ingredients.  
Believe it or not, some of the most widely prescribed acne medications contain comedogenic ingredients.  The current formulation of Retin-A, for example, contains a highly pore-clogging ingredient called isopropyl myristate.  So while the active ingredient can make skin appear clearer for awhile, this is usually a temporary improvement because the comedogenic ingredient eventually clogs follicles.

3. Dermatologists just don’t have enough time (and they don’t really care).
Effective acne treatment requires time, attention, and investigation because the causes and triggers of acne vary between individuals.  Most patients are forced to wait months for a 5-minute visit with a dermatologist and the visit usually involves no more than a prescription being written.  And let’s just be honest, even if your acne is devastating to you, it is likely the least important condition that a dermatologist is dealing with during their day.

4. Everyone’s skin is different.  
You don’t need a medical degree to figure this one out.  Everyone has a unique skin type, acne type, and maybe an extra skin condition or two thrown into the mix.  Dermatologists prescribe the same medications to just about everyone without taking their unique situation into account.  I have seen many clients with dry, sensitive skin who are prescribed strong medications that cause like tazorac which cause more dryness and peeling.  A good practitioner will clear your acne without leaving with you with other uncomfortable and unsightly conditions.