1.How are you different from a Dermatologist? 

We do not use harsh medications or irritating topical products to treat acne and unlike most dermatologists, we spend hours of one-on-one time working on your skin and monitoring you closely to make sure that you never suffer from harmful or uncomfortable side-effects like those you may experience with prescriptions.


2.Do you only work with acne?

We specialize in acne, uneven skin tone, and dark marks leftover from acne but our program also usually improves the appearance of rosacea and keratosis pilaris. We occasionally take clients with other skin concerns such as aging, dry skin, and melasma. Please contact us for further information.


3.Can you fix acne scars?

True acne scars are textural changes in the skin (commonly known as 'pock-marks') caused by tissue damage and we cannot fix these because they usually require more invasive treatments and procedures that we are not licensed to perform.  However, post-inflammatory pigmentation (dark marks leftover from acne or picking) are often mistaken for acne scars and these can usually be greatly improved through our products and treatments.  Keep in mind that everyones pigmentation varies greatly so we cannot predict to what extent the marks will improve or how long it will take.  Generally, PIH often takes longer than acne itself to lighten and often requires additional peels post-Bootcamp once your acne is clear.


4.Can you make my pores smaller?

No. Unfortunately, pore size is not something we can do anything about since it's determined by genetics and how much sebum is being produced by the oil glands that stretch out the pores on the surface of the skin. Our product regimens can sometimes improve the appearance of big pores by absorbing some of the surface oil but it's simply physiologically impossible to shrink them and make them go away. This is a case where acceptance is really the only cure :)


5.Is AES right for me if my acne is not that bad?

Yes! We work with all grades of acne ranging from mild to severe and whether your have the occasional pimple or constant breakouts, we treat it all the same because it all functions the same way.


6.Can I just come in for a facial treatment without the Initial Consultation?

No.  We are serious about guiding you to clear skin for the rest of your life and treatments alone do not get sustainable, long-term results. Treatments work on the surface of the skin which helps speed up the clearing process but is only a quick fix if that is all you are relying on. Acne is a multifactorial disease and in order to clear it and keep it clear, we attack it using a comprehensive approach.  If you are looking for a quick, short-term fix, this is probably not the right treatment option for you.


7.Do I have to use your products to participate in your program?

Yes.  We want to give you results so in order to participate in our program and receive acne treatments, you will have to simultaneously be using the product kit that your Acne Coach develops for you to insure that your condition is being treated in the most effective way possible.  


8.i have sensitive skin. do i get a refund if your products don't work for me?

We only offer product refunds if there is a defect upon purchase.  Most people have sensitive, irritated skin when they come to us because acne products and topical medications are often too strong or not part of a regimen that is sufficiently balanced with hydrating products.  We make every effort to insure that the products you buy are appropriate for you skin by having you complete a detailed intake form where you list any allergies and sensitivities prior to your first appointment.  We also perform a skin assessment and sensitivity test during the Initial Consultation and customize a regimen based on all of these factors so that the products you buy and the regimen we develop for you provide clear and healthy skin without the irritating side effects of most acne products.


9.Do you perform an actual treatment during the Initial Consultation?

No.  Performing facials without preparing the skin first can cause scarring and pigmentation so in order to minimize this risk, we do not perform a full treatment during Initial Consultations.   The only contact we will have with your face during the first appointment will be to assess your skin and perform a sensitivity test so we can put together a product kit that will help prime your skin for future appointments.


10.Can I be seen if I am pregnant or nursing? 

Yes! Most skincare professionals do not take into account or even know that there are certain ingredients that pregnant and nursing women should avoid to keep their babies safe. We are well educated about these potentially dangerous ingredients and tailor each treatment and product regimen to give you the results you want without any risk of harm to you or your baby.


11.will i have to go on a crazy diet and cut out caffeine and sugar? 

No! There is so much conflicting information about which foods are good or bad for acne so if you listened to everyone, you wouldn't be eating anything anymore!  We have all suffered from acne before and know how restrictive most of the advice out there can be.  We truly value mental health and are sensitive to the psychological impact that having acne has on our lives so we want you to have the most freedom possible while on Bootcamp and we want to make the AES method is a sustainable way of life for you.  We have never had to have a client eliminate or even reduce sugar, chocolate, caffeine, gluten, nightshade vegetables, fried foods, spicy foods, or processed foods in order to get clear.  The only foods we will ask you to eliminate for the duration of the program are milk products, peanuts, and soy and you will be able to slowly integrate them back into your diet once you graduate the program :)


12.Can I bring my child with me to my appointment?

Yes! We welcome everyone: kids, babies, husbands, wives, and even your pets :)


13.Is there an age requirement?

Absolutely not!  Acne affects people of all ages so there is no minimum or maximum age requirement.  However, if you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign a release for you.


14.What if I am currently using prescription acne medication?

We cannot perform a treatment on your skin until you have been off of all topical medication for at least 14 days and Accutane for 8 weeks (or as otherwise recommended by your Physician). However, it is completely fine to come in for a Consultation while using topical medication since we do not perform a treatment at the first appointment anyways (see number 9).


15.Are there any side effects of the acne treatments?

After acne treatments, you may experience peeling, redness, or light scabbing but these post-treatment side-effects are temporary and usually go away within 2-5 days.


16.Will i get to choose which esthetician i see?

We will try our best to match you with the Esthetician of your choice if you have a preference but it will largely depend on how flexible your schedule is.


17.Why do I have to enter my credit card information to book an appointment?

We require a credit card number to insure that our cancellation policy is honored.  Your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking but it will be charged if you do not cancel/reschedule new client appointments with at least 7 days notice or returning client appointments with at least 48 hours notice.


18.What is the total cost of the program?

The cost of the program includes the price of the Initial Consultation ($260), an initial product kit (approximately $225), and an average of 6-8 treatments ($155 each). For a description of what is included in each service, please take a look at the Clinic Page. The financial investment required for the program ends up being approximately $1,400-$1,700 (less than half the price of braces or any plastic surgery procedure….but it’s your face!). The program also usually ends up saving clients a significant amount of money long-term on ineffective prescriptions, products, and procedures.


19.Do you guarantee clear skin with your program?

We cannot guarantee clear skin because there are too many factors that play a part in the acne process.  It just would not be fair to make any promises when the most important factor is completely out of our control because it is mostly depends on you and how compliant you are with the program!  What we can promise you is that we have never failed to clear a compliant client.  Some clients take longer that the average 6-8 treatments due to some factor outside of their control such as allergies, hormonal conditions, pregnancy, work, medications, and scheduling issues which can all impact how quickly we are able to clear acne out of their skin.  Also, every single one of us here at the clinic is a live example of the success of our program because we are all longtime acne sufferers who have gotten clear with the AES method.


20.can i wear makeup while i am on the program?

Of course!  As long as the makeup is acne-friendly (we will teach you how to determine this during the Consultation), you can wear makeup throughout the program and after facial appointments.


21.Do your products and treatments need to be continued once results are achieved?

Nope :)  Once you graduate our program and the desired results have been achieved, you are not required to follow our guidelines or use our products.  Each of the products serves a purpose in the clearing process and your Esthetician will explain what each product does so you can make an informed decision once you get clear about how you would like to move forward.


22.Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover services performed by a Licensed Esthetician but many of our clients are able to use their HSA or FSA to pay for our services and/or products.  We are happy to provide you with receipts to submit for reimbursement but we cannot guarantee that the cost will be covered under your particular plan and we do not provide diagnosis codes or letters claiming clinical necessity since we are not Medical Doctors.  We highly recommend  contacting your benefits administrator prior to your appointment to check the details of your plan so there are no surprises.


23.What does it mean to be an 'active client?

To insure the safety of your skin and the best possible results, we distinguish between 'active' and 'inactive' clients.   In order to schedule advance appointments and receive appointment priority,  you must maintain 'active' client status by adhering to program guidelines, using the product regimen as advised, and coming in for treatments every two weeks or every six to eight weeks if you have graduated the program (unless your AES Esthetician advises a different treatment schedule).  If you are an inactive client who is not maintaining a consistent treatment schedule, you will be placed on an appointment waitlist and offered appointments if/when we have a week-of cancellation or an active client graduates and space becomes available during your requested time slot.


24.WHAT is your cancellation policy?

New Client Appointments: We kindly ask you to cancel/reschedule Initial Consultations at least 7 days in advance. Cancellations made within 1-3 days of your scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the scheduled service cost and cancellations made within 4-7 days of your scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the scheduled service cost to your card on file and a non-refundable deposit taken for any future appointments.

Return Client Appointments: We kindly ask you to cancel/reschedule Acne Treatments at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the scheduled service cost to your card on file and a non-refundable deposit taken for any future appointments.


25.What is the tipping policy?

Great question!  Whether or not to leave gratuity can be confusing since our services may seem closer to those performed in a medical office then a spa or salon.  However, we are licensed estheticians without the benefits of being medical doctors and just like anyone else in the service industry, a large part of our benefits are derived from gratuities.  So just like in any service industry, tipping is never required but certainly appreciated.

26. Will my acne get worse before it gets better?

Depends on what you consider “worse”. The quantity of acne usually increases for the first few treatments as acne underneath the surface of the skin urges up and out. But the quality of the acne should get better fairly quickly: the pimples you get will come up and go away quicker than you are used to and they should be less inflamed and much easier to manage. Also, an initial increase in acne is actually a good sign because clearing your skin from the inside out is basically the point of the whole process! It’s normal and understandable to be worried about the purging process but most people find that the short term increase in breakouts is preferable to dealing with mild or moderate acne forever.

27. do you treat hormonal acne?

Yes! Hormones play a part in most acne conditions (they play a part in everything that happens in our bodies!) and our method accounts for and targets all types of acne triggers including hormones.

28. what is the policy for er extraction appointments?

ER extractions are only available to active clients only (see #23 for details on maintaining active status). Members are offered two complimentary sessions and there is a limit of one ER (complimentary or paid) between treatments.