Let’s Get Personal.

At AES, we believe that the journey to manage and treat acne is an intensely personal one. As a result, we want to make sure we get to know one another before we start.

Don’t worry, we’ll go first.


AES founder Kimmy Pigliucci has years of experience in helping those struggling with acne. But what’s more, she knows firsthand the physical, emotional and mental strain that acne can have—because she’s been there. Beginning in her teens, Kimmy’s acne forced her to endure countless cycles of failed prescriptions, antibiotics, topical medications, and two painful rounds of Accutane.  Not only were these treatment methods ineffective but she constantly felt forced to choose between the hope of clear skin and her health and well-being.   After years of research (using herself as the subject), she found a safe, maintainable way to get clear. Now a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with a background in trauma-informed movement and mindfulness, Kimmy brings her passion for holistic wellness to helps others win their acne battle and overcome the harmful side effects and health risks that accompany traditional acne treatments.



We remember all too well the shame and stigmas that can be associated with acne & we’re here to tell you that those negative words & feelings have no place here at AES. Instead, we’ll take your hand & compassionately lead you on the path toward clear skin.

While various programs and treatment centers often take a compartmentalized approach to clear skin, we know that the secret to managing acne is a series of careful decisions and lifestyle adjustments. All of these seemingly small modifications work together to minimize breakouts & promote a healthy, radiant complexion. We can’t promise it will be easy. In fact, we know firsthand that our method can be difficult & require major life changes. But we can promise that we’re all in this together & that the glowing, flawless skin you’ll have will all be worth it in the end.