Live in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Have an AES Aesthetician personally guide you through the Bootcamp. The only brick-and-mortar AES location, our SF clinic provides in-person guidance, peels and acne treatments that will help supplement and accelerate the clearing process.

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Initial Consultation
90-110 mins  /  $260

If you are new to Bootcamp, start here! Your initial coaching session will teach you which foods, lifestyle factors and products may be contributing to your acne.


Then, we will perform a skin assessment and sensitivity test. Based on those results, we will develop a custom homecare regimen tailored to your skin and acne type. You will go home with all the instructions and tools you need to achieve clear skin. Visit our FAQ section for more information. You can expect to pay an additional $225 for your first full product kit.

Acne Facial Treatment
30-50 mins  /  $155

Facial treatments combine extractions, chemical peels, and lifestyle guidance to target breakouts and pigmentation from the inside out.


After you complete your Initial Consultation, in-office facial treatments will be performed every 2 weeks until your skin is clear (on average, 6–8 treatments over 3–4 months). The time it takes to get clear depends largely on how compliant you are with the program and how regularly you come in for treatments. Each treatment will:

  • Exfoliate skin to accelerate cell turnover and allow for better penetration of homecare products
  • Extract old acneic impactions as they purge to the surface of the skin
  • Kill bacteria within the follicle
  • Monitor homecare routine to ensure skin does not adapt to your regimen
  • Keep track of diet and lifestyle choices that may aggravate your acne

Visit our FAQ section for more information.

Chemical Peel
10 mins  /  $110

Peels to lighten and brighten uneven skin tone and dark marks leftover from previous acne. 


Chemical peels are only available to returning clients who have graduated the program. When deemed appropriate by an AES Esthetician, peels are used to supplement (rather than replace) a comprehensive skincare plan that includes treatments and a homecare regimen. Peels cannot be performed on those using topical prescriptions or Accutane.

Acne Body Treatment
30-50 mins  /  $155

Body treatments include exfoliation, extractions, and chemical peels that target breakouts and pigmentation.


Body treatments are available to clients who have completed an Initial Consultation and can be performed on your choice of back, shoulders, chest, or arms. Treatments are performed every 2 weeks until your skin is clear (an average of 4-6 treatments over 2-3 months). You will also be required to adhere to lifestyle guidelines as well as a regimen of products to be used at home (the cost of an acne body kit is approximately $75-$100). Based on how your skin adapts to your products and treatments, your AES Coach will adjust your program accordingly to ensure success.

Visit our FAQ section for more information.

ER Extraction
5 mins  /  $30

This quick emergency extraction will target and diffuse a single inflamed pimple.


Only available to active clients who have already completed an Initial Consultation.




Name: Kimberly "Kimmy" Pigliucci
Role: Esthetician, Founder
Favorite AES product & why: I can't choose, I love everything! No, really.
In my free time you can find me: At yoga, traveling, watching reality tv on the couch with my three cats
Ultimate comfort food: Chocolatessssss

Name: Sue Williams
Role: Office Manager
Favorite AES product & why: The serum keeps me super clear
In my free time you can find me: Hanging with my friends and family, in nature, creating art
Ultimate comfort food: Korean food

Name: Talin Savazian
Role: Esthetician
Favorite AES product & why: The serum helps fight off my stubborn hormonal triggers
In my free time you can find me: On an adventure with my two boys
Ultimate comfort food: Chocolate chip cookies and birthday cake


Name: Rikki Robinson
Role: Esthetician
Favorite AES product & why: The gel cleanser-it’s effective yet gentle enough for the whole family.
In my free time you can find me: In Golden Park with my partner, son and two dogs or at brunch with friends.
Ultimate comfort food: French fries!!!